Tattoo Camo Professional Tattoo Concealer Makeup Artist Kit

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Tattoo camo, we believe, is the best tattoo cover up available. Tattoo Concealer Co  now stock this amazing US brand exclusively in Australia!
If you have been looking for a tattoo covering make up, this is the one you want. Super easy to apply.

Tattoo Camo is a concealer paste that completely covers up your tattoo. Even the darkest of tattoos receives complete coverage.
With a range of colours you can blend to match your skin tone perfectly!

The Tattoo Camo Remover Tonic completely removes any residue left by the make up.

Our Professional Make Up Artist Kit is absolutely perfect for photo shoots or bridal parties.

Kit includes:

  • All 6 shades
  • 2 Setting Powders
  • 1 Large Remover Tonic