Tattoo Camo Concealer - Double Kit plus Remover Tonic

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Tattoo Camo is a concealer paste that completely covers up your tattoo. Even the darkest of tattoos receives complete coverage.
Tattoo camo is absolutely perfect for photo shoots and bridal parties.
With a range of colours you can blend to match your skin tone perfectly!
The Tattoo Camo Remover Tonic completely removes any residue left by the make up.

Colour suggestion!

  • The combination of 8 & 2 is perfect for Fair Light skin
  • The combination of 8 & 15 is perfect for light-medium olive skin
  • The combination of 5 & 12 is perfect for medium beige skin
  • For a darker tanned olive skin combine 5 & 15, and for the deepest darkest tan add 19