What is it?

Tattoo Camo is a specially formulated cover-up which completely masks your tattoo. Easy and fast application.
Dries quickly and is waterproof. When used with the Magic Shield setting spray it becomes highly smudge resistant.
A TC Kit consists of 2 parts:
Concealer and Setting Powder.

What does it do?

The highly concentrated Concealer completely hides all colors of your tattoo.
The fine mist of the Magic Shield Spray makes it smudge resistance and protects your clothes.
The Remover Tonic gently and effectively dissolves all traces of the cover.

How do I match my skin tone?

Choose 2 or more colors. With different colors YOU personalize the TC cover to match YOUR skin tone. Blending darker and lighter TC colors creates a natural look, hiding your tattoo and no one will notice it!

How to Coverup Tattoo's